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My name is Junnu Vuorela. I help organizations tell their stories and engage with clients. I have designed many growth-oriented digital services for a variety of business domains. Lets build the website you know you deserve.

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my services

Service Design

My goal as a service designer is to design according to the needs of the end user. So that your service is user-friendly, competitive and relevant to your customers.

Website Design

At this day and age, website design has matured to be almost standardised job due to the demands of compatibility with all sorts of screens (responsive design). I use known design principles to make the design accessible to all. The art is to not make it boring looking or dull. Rest assured that I will always challenge myself to find new ways to make the design feel fresh and new while still respecting the rules of the craft. After 20 years of designing web and not a single dull day at the office and I would like to keep it that way for years to come.

Branding & Logo

If you don’t have a brand or If your brand needs a refreshing, good idea, I’d love to help you with that. If you already have a brand that is solid, I will fully respect the designer that has put in a  huge amount of work, sweat and probably even tears for you. If your design sucks, I will tell that to you. It’s not smart business I know, but that’s one of my many weaknesses.

Content Strategy

Attract strangers and get them to become frequent visitors – convert them into leads and close the deal so that they become your customers. Delight your customers in such a way that they turn into your promoters – just like you can become my promoter one day, once I’ve successfully helped your business thrive within the digital sphere. Your website will be as good as your content. No design, usability, or any other thing will make it any better, so it’s a good idea to start designing from that perspective don’t you agree?

Website Development

I use WordPress with Divi to build most of my clients websites. Im familiar with Prestashop, Google ads and Search engine optimisation (SEO).

Built From Scratch

If you are building a service or a mobile app, I can be a part of your team. I can help you with the user interface design, branding, animating, photographing and to some extent filming. That’s most of what I do in my day to day business.

Choose a Premade Template

For startup landing pages, marketing campaigns and small to medium-sized business, building a website using a template is the perfect option. When using advanced page builders like Divi, you can use your own branding and you often don’t even realize that a template has been used. This page you are looking at has been done using a template as a starting point. Looks nice, doesn’t it?! Theres no shame in saving development costs and time.

Maintenance & Updates

When you choose to make a website in WordPress using the Divi page builder, you can make text changes directly to the web page yourself and often even more advanced updates. Divi is easy to use, you can use it too I’m sure! Most of the updates and backing up is automated and there are no expensive maintenance costs. That’s the benefit of using WordPress and Divi. I offer my help at hourly rates, no fixed fees required.



I work with the client to determine what goals the site needs to fulfill


I will create several variations of the design so you can pick the most suitable design


I will create Graphic design for pixel perfect, engaging user experience that communicates your message


I will build responsive modern site that looks good both desktop and in mobile devices

Featured Work

Case Custobar

The Only Platform for Retail

One of the most minimalistic layouts I have ever made. The client had a vision for a clean, typography-centric design that celebrates the Scandinavian style.
Often the most simplistic styles can also be the most challenging for the designer. And this was no exception. I had to make tons of iterations for this one since the client wanted to have it right and I’m proud of what I came up with.
I have designed the brand, iconography, illustrations and the web layout.  The site was built in-house on top of HUGO framework.


Website Development

Relax, Nothing is Under Control

Do pre-made templates take the creativity out of web design? Well… Let’s try one of the most fixed layouts I can find in Divi – the Extra theme.
My client wanted to have a solution that makes their written articles more visible while browsing their site. They wanted to let their writers know that the articles they publish won’t have an expiration date. That they will always be relevant and so the writers are more inspired while writing and can be proud of their texts for years to come.
Prominda is more than a company, it’s a revolution. The way we work is changing and they are giving their absolute best every day to help organizations improve the way they think.
What Prominda wants is to bring all of who we are to work. The website gives them a louder voice to spread their message and inspires them to be more outspoken. That’s the type of creativity which wouldn’t be possible without using the tools like Extra theme.

my favorite client and worst nightmare

Most Ambitious and Megalomaniac Project I Have Ever Been a Part of

Juha Ruokangas is at the same time my favorite client and my worst nightmare. He is the most persistent, hardworking and honest entrepreneur I’ve ever met. He is a romantic who dares to dream big. The word ‘impossible’ doesn’t seem to belong to his vocabulary.

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About Me

Today every company is a media company. Yours is too. And the key to flourishing is to succeed in engaging your customers to communicate with you. And in inspiring them to talk about you to others.

Attract strangers to grow into frequent visitors. Convert them into leads and close the deal so they become your customers. Delight your customers in such a way that they turn into your promoters.

You can become my promoter one day, once I’ve succeeded in helping your business.

  • Web Development
  • Web Design
  • SEO & Social

Years of Experience

Independent Projects

+Team Projects


Grand Prix

Ruokangas - 2019


Grand Prix

Fortum Muuttaja portal - 2000


Yearbook, Digital Media

Habbowood II - 2006


Honorable mention - Infodesign

Ruokangas - 2010


Best UX-Design

Ruokangas - 2019

Media & Message

Best Customer Service

Fortum Muuttaja portal - 2000


Honorable mention - Infodesign

Tripsay - 2009


Award for Design Excellence

Scoopshot - 2014


Best Copywriting

Ruokangas - 2019


1st place for Innovation - 2004


Honorable mention - Startup

Tripsay - 2009


Best Photography

Ruokangas - 2019


Yearbook, Digital Media

Million Habbo - 2005


Honorable mention - B2C

Tripsay - 2009

“I’ve hired Junnu first time to do our web graphics and user interface design in 2001. Since then I haven’t had a need to look for someone else. The depth of his knowledge is immense and the quality of his work superb all the way from conceptual design to the finest details. Junnu is the best!”

Juha Ruokangas

CEO, Ruokangas Guitars

“I’ve been working with Junnu for several years now. Junnu is not only a talented but also a passionate designer. The core of Junnu’s work is in his ability to think the customer with an exceptionally broad perspective. Through this, he’s able to find functional and sustainable service design solutions. Junnu is a flexible, multi-faceted and intuitive designer, and I can warmly recommend him into most varied projects.”

Anu Rautanen

Co-founder, Prominda Revolution

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Junnu on many software projects over several years. The quality of his work and breadth of design skills is fantastic, and he’s able to create amazing user experiences—while understanding the priorities and constraints of the business. Junnu is easy and fun to work with, and I look forward to working with Junnu for many years more to come.”

Ville Laurikari

CTO, Aivan Innovations

I have had the pleasure of working with Junnu in various kinds of projects, as collegue and as customer, over the last 10 years. Junnu wants to always thoroughly understand the customers’ mindset and the customer value we are trying to produce to come up with best possible end results – for customers and businesses. For this, he is brave to challenge assumptions and to face the customer realities as honestly as possible. Junnu is the graphical story teller and his excution has alwasy been close to perfection.

Tuomo Sihvola

Co-founder, Oulumo

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