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TripSay combines social recommendations with a travel search engine that auto-suggests cities, pubs, hotels, and the like as you type them.

In cooperation with a travel start-up TripSay, I created the visual style (including iconography and guidelines for spin-off concepts) and supported the interface design team in my role as Art Director.

Besides giving TripSay a brand image, our team invented many conceptual solutions for our partner. From information architecture and service elements all the way to small details, such as my hilarious rating system which goes from smiley face to a full moon.

On its launching year the site got a honorary mention at B2C-service on the Startup and info design categories at the Grand one 2009 competition.


GranD One 2008

Honorary Mention – B2C-Service

GranD One 2008

Honorary Mention – Startup

GranD One 2008

Honorary Mention – Information Design


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